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Al-Bannā continues to refute the argument that Islam abrogates earlier religions, and refutes the possible “specious arguments” that could be used against his own assertions.
In his interview with Sanā’ al-Sa‘īd, Pope Shenouda does not expect a quick solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict without first achieving Arabic harmony. He also discussed issues related to U.S. aid, foreign interference, the Iranian case, illegal emigration, and other Egypt-related issues.
The author of the article refutes the idea that embracing the "right" religion is behind the advancement of peoples. He also criticizes what he considered the defamation of the Shī‘ah in the media.
Islam respects all other divine religions, even at the time it is being attacked and offended. True Muslims are those who believe in other religions and messengers.
In this article, Pope Shenouda gives a full-length study of the Qur´an´s perception of Christianity, the Gospel, Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. He says that the Qur´an proves the authenticity of the Holy Bible. It also speaks very highly of Jesus Christ. It describes Him as the “...
Reverend Rifa’at Al-Said comments on an article published in Al-Wafd to the effect that Islam has abrogated the religions prior to it. He cited many Qur’anic verses and quoted prominent Islamic scholars to refute such an idea.
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