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Dutch scholar Johannes Jansen contributed an essay – ‘The Religious Roots of Muslim Violence’ – to a 2011 anthology entitled, ‘Terrorism: Ideology, Law, and Policy’. In it he makes the case that violence and terrorism are part and parcel of the Islamic religion, traceable to its root sources at...
The author thinks that since women tend to wear fashionable clothes while wearing the hijāb, the feminine beauty of women has overcome the suppression of the hijāb.
The writer comments on an article written in a French newsmagazine which makes a prejudiced comparison between the image of Jesus and the Prophet Muhammad.
The author pointed out the many moral principles of Islam, stressing that what is said in the Western media about Islam being a religion that encourages aggression, extremism, fanaticism, killing and terrorism is a baseless calumny. He added that the recent attacks in America are a hateful crime...
The author argues that the concept of jihad does exist in Christianity and Judaism as it exists in Islam. She even tries to give the impression that jihad in the sense of killing and violence is not the basic form of Jihad in Islam while it is as such in Christianity and Judaism.
The author argues that there are three different categories of polytheists [from an Islamic point of view].
The Zionist-Christian clergy have viewed the US-led war on Iraq in March 2003 as something that would guarantee the security of Israel. They believe that war is one of the conditions to materialize the Torah’s prophesies on the advent of Christ.
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