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This article deals with the relationship between the Qur’ān and the Sunnah, as well as the role of the Sunnah in Islamic theology. It sheds light on some movements that aim at destroying religion by calling to eliminate the use of the Sunnah.
The article denounces the Sunnah-Shī‘ah disputes. The author reminds the conflicting parties that the two ideologies derive from the same religion, Islām, which commands them to be united.
The Ibn Khaldoun Center is nowadays spreading its opinions through a series of seminars it organized under the title “Renewing Religious Discourse.” The center puts forward suspicious ideas declaring that the Islamic thought needs to be reformed because it is not based on a valid logic. Al-Liwaa’...
The revelation of each Qur’anic verse is related to certain events. It is necessary to know such events to understand the verse properly and apply it aptly. Muslims should know the time and the occasion in which a certain verse can be applied, in order to avoid problems and confusion.
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