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The author responds to a controversial statement from the prominent Shaykh Yūsuf al-Qaradāwī in which he claimed that Christians are kāfirs.
Where did the term “Islamophobia” originate, who does it serve, who does it threaten, and does the West really fear Islam? The following article provides details to these questions.
A lecture delivered by Rabbi Reuven Firestone at ‘Ayn Shams University enraged the audience.
In his article, ‘Abd al-Khāliq Husayn presents examples of Western Christians converting to Islam and the reactions of their families and countries. He then compares this to similar conversion situations in Muslim countries.
Shaykh Mansūr al- Rifā‘ī, former under secretary at the Ministry of Endowments, says that God describes Muslims as the best people that have been brought forth for mankind as long as they "enjoin right conduct, forbid indecency and believe in God." While exonerating Islam from the charges of...
On June 19, 2004, Al-Ahram Al -Arabi published an interview with Dr. Nawal. Sa’adawi [See AWR 2004 week 25, art. 6]. I disagree with many of Dr. Sa’adawi’s views. Many of Dr. Sa’adawi’s writings conflicts with basic aspects of religion.
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