Ramadan Kareem, SEKEM, Internships and Summer School

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Wed, 2018-05-16
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The fasting month of Ramadan has started! We would like to wish all our Muslim friends a blessed Ramadan!


Mariam Mūsā wrote a beautiful article about SEKEM and Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development. SEKEM’s founder, Ibrahim Abouleish, was a deeply pious Muslim who was influenced by western thinkers such as Rudolf Steiner, who perceived the world as a whole in which everything is nested. That explains the strong focus on sustainability. Our earth has no future if we continue to exhaust it for short term gain. You can read Mariam’s article here.



From Mariam's tour at SEKEM


Mariam, a Swiss journalism intern from the University of Geneva, Switzerland, with Libyan roots, also wrote about her experiences of interning with us. She liked the very international atmosphere in our office and appreciated all the help she received to meet people such as the representatives of SEKEM and Heliopolis University.


“The internship, beyond enriching my knowledge, provided me with tools to fight against prejudices toward the Middle East in the West. I wish I was able to stay more and continue to improve my skills in the various fields Arab-West Report helps us explore.”


As Mariam noticed, the time of an internship was flying. Time is always much too short, but also short terms can be very rewarding. I am very glad we are able to host so many interns but this is only possible with ongoing support.


We asked Mariam in particular to focus on SEKEM and Heliopolis University because of the planned summer school between June 25 and July 6. Sustainability also means dialogue and a willingness to listen to people with different worldviews. That will be our focus during this summer school.


For registration and more information about the summer school please click here.


May 16, 2018

Cornelis Hulsman,

Editor-in-chief Arab-West Repor