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Egypt’s Public Prosecutor Ḥamāda al-Ṣāwī confirmed that the Public Prosecution Service will follow a set approach in all cases of antiquity smuggling, which align with the state’s plan to recover any smuggled antiques abroad.
“Why was I imprisoned in the first place?! Should a university student at the Faculty of Archaeology be put in prison with murderers and drug dealers?!” These are the words of Ḥanīn Ḥussām, known in Egypt as one of the “Tik Tok Girls”, after a default verdict this week, charging her with 10 years...
Dr. Usāma al-Ḥadīdī, Director of al-Azhar Global Center for Electronic Fatwas, said that “What Ethiopia is doing regarding the Renaissance Dam, by controlling and monopolizing water resources, is forbidden per Islamic Sharia and is seen as corruption of Earth”.
The Episcopal Church in Egypt is witnessing a new era, as Bishop Dr. Munīr Ḥanā bids farewell to the position of Head of the Alexandria Region of the Anglican Episcopal Church after reaching the age of retirement, while a new bishop is being appointed in his place, Dr. Sāmī Fawzī.
Several dioceses of St Mark in Upper Egypt governorates have announced the organisation of Coptic festivals [mawlid] during the current and upcoming period, despite the severe outbreak of the new virus variant, which has claimed the lives of a number of bishops, priests and monks, and infected...
His holiness Pope Tawāḍrūs II said that the visit of the Holy Family to Egypt is a real blessing. He said: “Egypt was subjected to hardships many times and came out of it with its head held high, thanks to the Holy Family’s visit to its land; Our country, our land, our history and our geography is...
On Tuesday, 1st June 2021, The Media Center of the Coptic Orthodox Church announced to hold a celebration to revive the path for the Holy Family’s journey in Egypt, which also coincides the Feast of Christ’s entry into the Land of Egypt on 24 Bashans (9th month of the Coptic calendar).
Lawyer Khālid ʿAlī submitted a complaint to prove an assault against former political and parliamentary activist Ziyād al-ʿUlaymī in prison.
Dr. Muḥammad al-Nādī, a member of the Scientific Committee to Combat the Coronavirus, said that white fungus is an old disease linked to low immunity, noting that the media plays a role in scaring people.
Egyptian mediation has played a pivotal role in reaching a cease-fire in Israel and Gaza, with Egypt putting all of its political weight behind the negotiations. These efforts finally culminated in the implementation of a ceasefire at dawn on Friday.


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