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In its provocative publication, al-Naba’ Newsletter, the Islamic State (IS) renewed its threats to Copts in Egypt, saying that “targeting churches is a part of our plan of war.” 
“500 years after the Protestant Reformation, the Egyptian Evangelical Church is pursuing to discover the meaning and nature of reformation in its Egyptian-Arab context,” said Rev. Dr. Safwat Marzūq, US based theology professor, in his speech on graduation of a new batch of students from the...
During his visit to Egypt in a delegation, Monsignor Basīl Susaniyān, deputy of the Armenian Catholic Church in Sidney, said they support Egypt and its people against terrorism.
The Coptic Orthodox Church prevented a protest organized by some Coptic activists this evening in the Coptic Cathedral of St. Mark to commemorate Copts who were killed in the recent terrorist attack on their way to St. Samuel the Confessor Monastery, Minya, Upper Egypt, and to denounce the...
In its telegram of condolences to Coptic Orthodox Pope Tawadrūs II for the casualties of the recent terrorist attack that took place in Minyā, Upper Egypt, last Friday, the Middle East Council of Churches (MECC) expressed its strong condemnation of shedding the blood of innocent people.
Egyptian President `Abd al-Fattāh al-Sīsī will receive a delegation of the churches of Australia and New Zealand at the presidential headquarters on Thursday. Among other issues, the meeting will mainly touch on four, including ways to promote values of tolerance, peace and accepting of others to...
The Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt sent a delegation of bishops and monks to visit Russia to learn about Russian monasteries and monastic life and to exchange spiritual experiences. The delegation visited many Russian monasteries and met Patriarch Kirill I of Russia. 
At the Fourth Youth Conference in Alexandria, Egyptian President ʿAbd al-Fattāh al-Sīsī said that divorced women suffer until they obtain their dues because personal status proceedings are slow. 


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