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Grand Imam Dr. Ahmad al- Tayyib, Shaykh of the Azhar, referredthe request submitted by Dr. Jum’ah to form a committee to prevent the incorrect and controversial fatwás that contradict Islamic principles to the Supreme Board of Islamic Scholars for examination.
Monk Basilius al- Maqqāry, one of the most popular disciples of Fr. Matta al- Miskīn, stated that the alter lottery through which the Pope was selected does not exist in the laws of the Church. [Father Basilius earlier told Cornelis Hulsman of Arab-West Report that he had given an interview to al-...
In response to widespread rumors that the Minya Diocese is playing a role in campaigning for a certain candidate [name not mentioned], it has issued a statement rejecting this.
Counselor Munsif Sulīmān, member of the Holy Synod, denied  the claims in some news reports  that the Presidency has rejected the regulations list for selecting the Coptic Orthodox patriarch.
The European Commission’s delegation to monitor the presidential elections has stated that it shall continue in monitoring the elections after PEC allowed its equipment to enter Egypt.  
Early unofficial poll results of Egyptians abroad have shown that al- Sīsī is succeeding with a landslide. According to the campaign of al- Sīsī, he is winning with more than 85% so far in New Zealand and three electoral districts in Australia. 
Pope Tawadros II has led the mass yesterday in the Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Alexandria.
A popular carnival to support al- Sisi has started only hours before the mūlid (celebration of a holy person) of Sayyidah Zaynab.
General Muhammad Ibrahīm, Minister of Interior, has assured that the security forces will give a blow to all who attempt to hamper the presidential elections or stop voters from reaching the electoral committees.
The Ministry of Endowments, has issued several decisions to prevent discussion of politics or electoral campaigning in the coming Friday prayers.
Dr. ‘Abd al- Azīz Salamān also stated that the presidential elections shall take place under complete judicial supervision from the beginning until the end.
Egypt's Presidential Elections Commission (PEC) has convened a meeting with the EU Commission, that has announced earlier that it will not monitor the elections planned to take place on May 26 and 27 2014. 
An unknown assailant detonated a handmade bomb near an electoral conference [a conference held in support of a particular candidate usually in a large tent in the street ] supporting al- Sīsī in ‘Izbit al- Nakhl, Giza [a lower class area in greater Cairo].
The conflict between the Da’wah al- Salafiah and the Ministry of Endowments has increased after the rejection of the Da’wah to abide by the unified sermon that the Ministry is requesting all imams to abide by.
A Sudanese Court has ruled to execute a 27 year old lady, who has converted to Christianity from Islam according to anonymous Sudanese judicial sources.
Dār al- Iftā’ believes that the call of the member of the guidance bureau of the Muslim Brotherhood Abd al- Rahmān al- Bir to his group “to carry out jihad against those who attack you” is a direct incitement for killing and corruption of the land and spreading fitnah (strife).
The Reciters Syndicate decided to expel Shaykh al- Shāzilī, the reciter who called the shi’te call to prayer in Iraq. 
Security Forces in Asyut have found a letter addressed to the office of the Muslim Brotherhood in Qena. 
Dr. Ahmad Karīmah, professor of sharī’ah at the Azhar stated in response to al- Qaradawi’s fatwa, calling the participation in the presidential elections harām, that religion has nothing to do with elections and that no person or institution can claim that such a vote or referendum is halāl (...
Security experts have requested that the new American and Israeli Ambassadors to Egypt be rejected by the Egyptian authorities.


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