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Al- Watan was informed by anonymous sources from al- Sīsī’s media campaign that al- Sīsī has decided that he shall not present a presidential platform.
The shūrá council of the International Muslim Brotherhood Organization has held a meeting in Amman, Jordan in order to examine the changes in the organization’s leadership and revise its regulations list as well as discuss the crisis with the British government.
Many Coptic organizations abroad have decided to support al- Sīsī in the forthcoming presidential elections.
Today the Coptic celebrations of St. Dimyana started in Bilqās, Dakahlia. 
Abd al- Fattāh al- Sīsī, presidential candidate, has stated that Egypt is in its neediest moments for its sons abroad, for them to cooperate together to face common problems and the difficulties of the nation.
Pope Tawadros has arrived to Egypt coming from the UAE after a five-day official visit.
Muhammad Mukhtār Jum’ah, Minister of Endowments, decided to refer the Azharite attire in Iraq, Shaykh Faraj Allah al- Shāzilī, for investigation for making the call for prayers in the Shi’ite way which contradicts with the call of Sunnah.
Tomorrow (May 15), Egyptians in 124 countries shall give their vote in the presidential elections. It shall continue for four days everyday from 9am- 9pm.
Shaykh Saūd Bin Sakr al- Qāsimī, member of the UAE High Council and the ruler of Rās al- Khaymah received Pope Tawadros in his palace yesterday May 13.
Pope Tawadros announced that the Church does not play a political role in Egypt and that its position during Mursī’s deposal was in response to the popular demands. 


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