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 Nādir Bakkār, assistant chairman of the Nūr Party, has claimed that the Minister of Religious Endowments, Muhammad Mukhtār Jum‘a, is acting against the interests of President ‘Abd al-Fattāh al-Sīsī. He criticized his measures, stating that ordinary citizens were wondering why mosques were closed...
The Maspero Youth Union has declared its determination to organize a stand against events in Iraq, where ISIS (the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant) issued a choice to Christians yesterday – death, conversion to Islam, or payment of the jizya (tax on free non-Muslims under Muslim rule). 
The Azhar, Dār al-Iftā’ and the Ministry of Endowments demanded punishment for those responsible for the death of several members of the security forces in the town of al-Farāfara in the governorate ‘NewValley’.
A committee of intellectuals and religious scholars has been formed by Grand Imam of the Azhar, Doctor Ahmad al-Tayyib, to discuss the issue of the representation of the prophets in cinema, in response to the recent film, ‘Noah’. 
Grand Imam of the Azhar, Doctor Ahmad al-Tayyib, has declared at the first meeting of the Muslim Council of Elders in Abu Dhabi that they have a responsibility to resuce the ummah from its terrible fate that awaits them, saying that the da‘wah has been transformed by terrorists as a means to call...
President of the Strong Egypt Party, ‘Abd al-Mun‘im Abū al-Futūh, has called on young members of the Muslim Brotherhood to show devotion to God by rebelling against the mistakes made by the leaders of the Brotherhood. He said that further protests were to no avail and that their priority should be...
 The Office of the Chief Justice in Palestine has forbidden divorce in the month of Ramadan, unless circumstances deem it absolutely necessary. 
A Sudanese woman, previously condemned to death accused of apostasy, has sought refuge in the American embassy. Mariam Yahyá Ibrāhīm was also accused of adultery for her Christian marriage to Daniel Wānī, an American citizen of Sudanese origin.
 Twelve members of the Muslim Brotherhood have been arrested by security services over the burning down of a BaptistChurch in Binī Mazār, in Minya. The men were also accused of assaulting public and police buildings in Minya. 
AWR: On June 29, our friend Dr. Mahmūd ‘Azab (Mahmoud Azzab) suddenly passed away. He meant a lot to Arab-West Report. Intern Alastair White translated this article about him.


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