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Two anonymous men bombed the telecommunications center of 6th of October yesterday, killing its security guard’s daughter and wife, as well as injuring his son.
After having temporarily calmed down, relations between the Ministry of Endowments and the Salafīs have ignited once again, this time regarding i’itikāf. Sheikh Muhamad ‘abd el-Rāzik, representative of the Ministry of Endowments for Quranic and Mosque matters, stated, “i’itikaaf is a tradition that...
The Ministry of Endowments announced that it has instructed preachers at mosques that tomorrow (Friday)’s sermon is to be regarding spending and moderating consumption. 
Security forces in Qena caught a car carrying electronic appliances, hidden amidst plants, near al-Shi’āniyyah village. 
 The article written by ‘abūd al-Zumur, member of the Shūra council of the Jamā’ah Islamiyyah, triggered a crisis. In the article, al-Zumur said deposed president Muhamad Mursī no longer has any jurisdiction, given the fact that he is in prison. 
Saʿīd Ḥasāsīn, member of the House of Representatives, described Copts’ accompaniment of Muslims during the opening of a mosque in the city of al-Zaqāzīq and their contribution of five million EGP as an historic event.
Pastor Rūīs Mikhā’īl of the Church of the Virgin Mary and St. Rūīs in Bahrain that the Coptic Orthodox Churchin Bahrain is considering constructing a base during the upcoming period, after having acquired a piece of land, provided by the Bahraini monarch King Ḥamd bin ʿĪsā al-Khalīfa as a...
Pastor Rifʿat Fikrī, President of the Media Committee of Egypt’s Church Council, that the Egyptian church returned the code of personal status for Copts to Counselor Majdī al-ʿAjātī, Minister of Legal Affairs and Parliament, to discuss and amend it.
Two days ago, we lost the honorable Sayyid Ḥijāb, the descendent of Bayram, Ḥaddād, and Jāhīn; the pinnacle of colloquial Egyptian poetry, deep and eloquent as it is. He left us on the anniversary of the glorious January 25 2011. He was one of the pillars of this day.
The Ministry of Antiquities announced the opening of the Museum of Islamic Art every Saturday evening for visitors, the first of which will be tomorrow evening.


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