A Revolutionary Wake-up Call: No Paragon without Flaws

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Sun, 2018-08-05
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There are plainly not enough words to describe this fallacy; perfect humans inhabiting a perfect universe, are we? We surely haven't evolved perfectly. Tracing our steps to Adam and Eve in the garden, or to an evolutionary distant past, we have made bloody choices since, too tasteless to put into words.


However, we've evolved to celebrate our flaws as humans. Our sentimentality continues to procreate stupidity. I am not trying to be provocative in this newsletter, but the common view, in my experience, is that we elevate people into political or religious positions to oversee - quite because they show they're capable of holding them, and we forget that they are as human as we are. They have personal interests and sins. Should we fuel their ego by leaving them unaccountable and unsupervised? I don't think so!


I am grateful to have a parent who admits her weaknesses, and has helped me see where she's failed, so that I'm spared from similar pain. Truth; many parents don't! They can commit no wrong!


Pastors, Imams, religious leaders of all sorts guide, but likewise, are susceptible to the same error. So are their views and interpretations of holy books and texts. Their sincerity and passion may be unquestionable, but their interpretations are certainly not as pure enough to represent God's absoluteness. The painful part is that most of these leaders also try to take God's glory and attributes for themselves, that they make themselves indisputable. That includes the men and women who are driven blindly by ideologies, who, in the name of God, commit such horrific and inhumane crimes against people who do not share their views. Call it bullshit! After all, we all are human beings.


All these preferential sentimentalities we've unconsciously held deeply, affects the lenses through which we see people, and worst of all; it kills our instincts.


Forwarding to political leaders. You and I know how important institutions are, not tribal groups founded on malice, but institutions whose programs are directed towards helping the disorganized, visionless population to reorganize and work efficiently towards a better and peaceful living. But as these institutions co-operate 80 percent of the time, there is a conflict of personal interest co-existing with communal interest. As in most cases, human beings potentially choose themselves and sacrifices others.


Here is our problem; that we often smell smoke but refuse to raise an alarm. We proceed to draw irrational and flimsy conclusions in other to hide the pain and disappointment our hearts are feeling. There's no need to confabulate unreasonable excuses, we are all flawed.




From the president of the holiest of church or mosque to the unknown layman smoking on some street corner, we are all paragon and flawed.


Here is my conclusion, that we support agendas and interests that benefit the masses, not masses in classification which is one of politician's tools for patriotic falsehood; Us VS Them, but programs that benefit the entire population.


There is no one who is perfect, no, not even one! (Romans 3:10)


A truth we should all embrace.




Comfort Dickson,


Studied linguistics at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Student of Public Relations and Advertising, Cape Breton University, Canada

Intern at the Center for Arab-West Understanding


Comfort describes herself as A student. An Inquisitive learner. Humanitarian. Poet and Musician. For her blog see: https://humankompass.wordpress.com/


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