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al-Sayyida Zaynab Mosque becomes the first mosque to be closed in Egypt as part of the pre-emptive measures to limit the spread of the Corona virus. The Minister of Endowments, Muḥammad Mukhtār Jumʿah, decided to close the mosque until schools and universities open again. 
Egypt's Cabinet announced that rescue forces from the Ministry of Social Solidarity have arrived in ʿIzbat al-Zarāyib, after the residents of this area had called for help following heavy rainfall. Blankets and food were provided to those affected with the help of local community associations.
A video circulated on social media showed a Chinese tourist facing racism on the streets of Cairo. A taxi driver had suspected that the tourist was infected with the Coronavirus and subsequently told the tourist to leave the car. Following this, other drivers who were passing by bullied the tourist...
من خلال ندوة الشيخ محمد عبد العاطي تم طرح بعض الأمور المتعلقة بالأاديان. في بداية الندوة قام الشيخ محمد عبد العاطي بطرح بعض التساؤلات التي أجاب عنها خلال الندوة مثل : " ما حقيقة الدين؟", " ما سبب التدين ؟ " و "متي نشاء هذا الدين؟ ". في بداية الندوة قام الشيخ بتفسير كلمة "الدين" و أصولها. كلمة " دين...
Almost 1,000 people were killed or injured in terror attacks in Egypt in 2015, with 400 attempted or successful attacks recorded in the country.
The below text was originally published on CNN website. Los Angeles (CNN) -- Lily Dionne had been in Hollywood a week when she answered an ad on Craigslist looking for actors for an action-adventure film called "Desert Warrior." Now, Dionne says she feels betrayed by the California filmmaker who...
Several meetings were held between a group of Egyptian educated elite despite their different opinions religious and their beliefs with a number of senior scholars and intellectuals from Al-Azhar. The meeting was held due to an initiative made by the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, Prof Dr. Ahmad Al-Tayīb.
The Criminal Court releases 16 members of the Muslim Brotherhood.
Dr. Musafá al-Fiqī asserts that Copts’ problems are about to be solved.
The author writes about the opening of the St. Antonious monastery after an eight year restoration project.


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