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Siwa Conference 2017 Part 10/12: Dr. Evert du Marchie van Voorthuysen "Solar Atmospheric Water Generation, Desalinization and Egypt’s Ability in Fighting Global Warming"
Siwa Conference 2017 Part 6/12: Dr. Ṭāriq ʿAbduh [Tarek Abdou]
Siwa Conference 2017 Part 5/12: Dr. Muḥammad al-Ḥajjārī "New Communities and Sustainable Farming in Arid Regions"
Siwa Conference 2017 Part 4/12: Ms. Jantine Stulp "Siwa Farms in Abu Sherouf as Example of Desert Development with High Salinity and Alkalinity; Expertise Needed to Address these Challenges, Proposal to Establish Research Farm with Salt Farm Texel"
Siwa Conference 2017 Part 3/12: Mr. ʿUmrān Fātḥī "Water Management for Agricultural Use in Siwa"
Siwa Conference 2017 Part 2/12: Dr. Hendrik Frans Massink (SGP) "Sustainable Agriculture, the Broader Context"
Siwa Conference 2017 Part 1/12: Welcome by Mr. Kees Knulst (SGP) 
ʾAbū al-ʿAlā Māḍī was born in 1958 into a religious, Muslim family in Minia, Egypt. In 1996, he became the co-founder of Hizb al-Wasat (Center Party) which simultaneously signaled his break from the Muslim Brotherhood. The establishment of a political party with an Islamic background touches on a...
ʿUmar ʿAbd al-Raḥman was born in 1938 in the village of al-Jamālīyah on the Nile Delta. He lost his sight ten months after his birth due to childhood diabetes. In 1993, ʿAbd al-Raḥman was charged with leading a terrorist group that orchestrated several terrorist attacks.ʿAbd al-Raḥman was convicted...
ʿIṣām al-ʿIrīyān was born in 1954 in Giza, Egypt. al-ʿIrīyān is a member of the “middle generation" of Brotherhood leaders, who developed their political stance in students’ politics in the early 1970s. He maintains a fundamentally Islamic world view and as such propagates the application of the...


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