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Dr. Bayoumi says Dr. Abu Halabiya should have distinguished between Judaism and Christianity as a religion, which Islam does not oppose, and Jews attacking Muslims. Muslims, he says, should defend themselves against such attacks.
The RNSAW asked Ambassador Mohammed Zubeir, Palestinian Ambassador in Cairo, for a response on the radical sermon of Dr. Ahmed Abu Halabiya as published in the RNSAW, week 42A, art. 8. He rejects the statements made by Abu Halabiya and says he does not represent the Palestinian Authority or public.
With a comment on what he believes about the appearance of the Holy Virgin, an eyewitness recounts what he saw and heard about this phenomenon.
Hossam Gowdat visited Sout al-Azhar to find out what the sources were for the article on the Dutch orientalist but editor-in-chief Dr. Karam Shalaby could not help him since the author Fawzy Tag el -Din had left the paper. Prof. Dr. J. Waardenburg wrote Dr. N. Coulson was a British specialist in...
The RNSAW formed an editorial board in April 2000. In this document the editorial policy of the RNSAW is explained.
The author believes that the anti-Jewish and Christian sermon in Gaza is dispisable but it is unfair to use this to denounce Muslim leaders in general. Many Christian Palestinians play a prominent role in their society and are like their Muslim compatriots opposed to Israeli policy.
Fawzy Tag El-Din wrote in the Sout Al-Azhar of October 6 about Coulson’s work on Malik Ibn Anas and says he is a Dutch orientalist who is skeptical about the Sunna. The RNSAW consulted two scholars at Leiden University, which has a centuries old tradition of the study of Islam and Arabic. Dr. J.J.G...
Danger of Christian students isolating themselves in small groups in Egyptian universities. Discussing Father van Nispen’s book “Muslims and Christians, brothers before God” at Cairo University Dutch Christian group showing interest in AWR.
The Al-Midan article of September 5 in the RNSAW [week 36A, art. 17] mistakes Pius the Fourth for Pius the Ninth. When this pope referred to the Jews as ’dogs’ , he was following the general trend of anti-Semitism in the history of the Churches.
The Mufti of Egypt, Dr. Nasr Farid Wasel, strongly rejected the private sector Fatwas [religious decree], given through a telephone line in return for a sum money. He thinks this could lead to the return of terrorism and a great deviation from what is right.


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