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Pope Shenouda was sent to his monastery in 1981 after ’an extreme disagreement with President Sadat’. President Mubarak released him in January 1985. The magazine interviewed Pope Shenouda about his feelings about President Mubarak.
The article is about many Copts who will be presented as candidates in each political party; Al-Wafd, Al-Tagammu, the Labor Party and the ruling National Party. In 1995 there were 57 Coptic candidates but none of them was in the National Party. This time everybody expects the National Party to...
A list of the twenty-one Christians killed in the recent riots in Al-Kosheh sent out by the Coptic Association of the UK. The list is reproduced here unedited by the RNSAW.
The full, published text of the EOHR’s Special Report on the Al-Kosheh incident.
Cornelis Hulsman met with both Hanaan Al-Badry and members of the Coptic Union in Washington in June 1999 and believes that the polarization between the two is reflected in the article Al-Badry wrote which in turn may have a reflection on Muslim readers of Rose el-Youssef.
"Personally, I see that this news service is a very important means of communication and information conveying the reality of Egypt to non-Egyptians, either those living in Egypt or, even more importantly, those outside, especially in the Western world...
A schedule of a visit of Pope John Paul II to Egypt is given.
The well-known Islamists writer believes "Before I can say any word on the subject of al-Kosheh it is my duty to apologize to the Copts of Egypt and recognize the mistakes of the Muslims of the village."
An interview with Ibrahim Shukry, the 83 year old head of the Islamist Labor Party on al-Koshh and the place of Coptic Christians in Egypt.
Immediately after H.H. Pope Shenouda [Shinūda] heard of the murders in al-Koshh he sent two bishops, including Bishop Marcos [Marquṣ] of Shubra al-Khayma, to investigate this. I spoke with Bishop Marcos to offer him my condolences. The bishop gave me the list of names as Bishop Wisaa [Wīṣā], Bishop...


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