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Review on how the Palestinian issue is approached by different groups.
Visiting Holy Family locations in Upper Egypt; Minia, al-Qussia, Deir Rifa, Shutb.  Tensions in Beni Walmis. Anglican Bishop Kenneth Cragg’s opinion on how to approach Muslims as a Christian.
Bishop Bimen of Khatatba passed away. Comment on the Bishop of Shubra al-Kheima’s remarkable advertisement in the Coptic weekly Watani. Report on the visit to Upper Egypt; Malawi.
Bishop Mounir’s explanation of the term ’persecution’. Problems between an Egyptian army unit and Patmos Land, a project of Bishop Botros.
Subjects that often appear in Egyptian media.
President Mubarak’s decision to make Coptic Christmas, January 7, a national holiday.
Muslim-Christian tensions in Beni Walmis related to church building.
Bishop Botros’ fears that an army unit may cause harm to his project Patmos land.
Human rights activist Ra’ed al-Sharqawi is asked by RNSAW to report about the riots in front of the church of Beni Al-Lims. Coptic thinker Dr. Milad Hanna made Coptic activists in the US furious.
Articles that are examples of sensationalist press


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