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Earlier this year, Egyptian Coptic intellectual Dr. Rafīq Samuel Habīb was named as the vice president of Egypt's Freedom and Justice Party -the newly founded p
October 9 witnessed riots in Cairo that led to the death of at least twenty-seven people and the injury of over 300, mostly from Egypt’s Coptic Christian community.
This report provides critical background and previously unpublished details on the event
  Review of Elizabeth Edward’s “Coptic Orthodox statistics and migration in Maghagha”
Sanne Lundberg’s thesis was about the strong Coptic Christian perception of being discriminated, the interplay of this belief with religious beliefs, as well as
According to the Pew Research Center, US media attention for the Egyptian protests has exceeded every foreign policy story over the last four years, commanding 56% of all news coverage.
Interreligious tensions in Egypt are, unfortunately, very often related to church construction.


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