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Interreligious tensions in Egypt are, unfortunately, very often related to church construction.
AWR Editor-in-Chief presents a paper on peace building, focusing on the work of CIDT, AWR and the ZIVIC project. The paper discusses the role of the media, governance and identity in interreligious conflict in Egypt, incorporating how the Arab-West Group can help in terms of study and...
This paper explores the issue of Izbet Bushra** in depth, seeking to discover the larger context behind the incident as provide integration of as many facts and testimonies as could be collected. This has been done through access to the many media reports published about village, as well as through...
Rochelle Curtis has undertaken a study of all media reports in the Arab West Report database which mention the word reconciliation. She has categorized these into seventeen cases, exploring in each one the root causes, the conflicting parties, the injuries suffered and damages inflicted, the major...
The recent attack on Christian worshippers exiting Coptic Christmas Eve mass in Nag Hamadi, January 6, 2010, has focused Egyptian attention on Muslim-Christian violence which has also been witn
Over the past decade many Egyptians involved in disputes have attempted settlement through what are known as 'reconciliation sessions'.
On June 21, 2009 violent conflict broke out between Muslims, Christians, and security forces of Izbet Bushra, a small village located in the governorate of Beni Suef, approximately 120 kilometers south of Cairo.


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