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On June 21, 2009 violent conflict broke out between Muslims, Christians, and security forces of Izbet Bushra, a small village located in the governorate of Beni Suef, approximately 120 kilometers south of Cairo.
The aim of this study is to show how modern Arabic literature and poetry could help in the effort to understand modern Arab society and its problems. 
This report provides an overview of different human rights organizations in Egypt and th
Arab-West relations are complicated and controversial. In this paper Bāhir Dukhān, an Arab-West Report intern, has analyzed the Egyptian media from 2003 to investigate how the media affects Arab-West relations and how the Egyptian press covered the events leading up to the 2003 U.S-led war on Iraq.
‘Ubayd discusses the history of various forms of Christianity, from Arab Christians to Eastern Christians, and the problems that are still remain to overcome.
A paper presented at the annual interfaith dialogue meeting of the Anglican communion and the Permanent Committee of the Azhar al-Sharif for Dialogue with the Monotheistic Religions that prompted criticism from Metropolitan Seraphim for the portrayal of Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt.
Arab-West Report decided to work on a more systematic basis with Coptic human rights activist Rā’id al-Sharqāwi. Rā’id has in the past been involved in several investigative reports for AWR about sensitive issues after Western media had reported about incidents in Egypt. AWR believes its media...
Because of the criticism in the Egyptian press on Coptic migrants we continued our overview of contributions on the Copts Daily Digest (see for the first overview RNSAW, 2002, week 14A, art. 11). Many responses in the Digest are strongly polarizing.
A discussion of the concepts of sin and shame in Martin Lomen’s study "Sünde und Schande im biblischen und islamischen Kontext: Ein ethno-hermeneutischer Beitrag zum christlich-muslimischen Dialog” [Sin and shame in the biblical and Islamic context: An ethnic-hermeneutic contribution to Christian-...
Mustafā Aḥmad Ḥasan Ḥasan Abāza is a very special person for Arab-West Report because he has encouraged our work from the first moment we started. The AWR Board of Advisors therefore agreed to ask Mustafā Abāza to join the AWR Board of Advisors, an invitation Abāza gladly accepted.


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