Displaying 1891 - 1896 of 1896.
Hulsman argues that there are social problems in Egypt but not persecution and that if the proposals for a law promoting religious freedom worldwide becomes law they could lead to polarization between Muslims and Christians in Egyptian society. He gives examples of stories which have been...
In a letter from the Catholic Church of Egypt the Church complains about Western media reports surrounding the issue of Coptic persecution in Egypt, as well as American intervention into the issue.
Sheik Tantawi, the sheik of Al-Azhar mosque denied having told the French interior minister that Muslim women in France may forgo wearing the veil in schools according to a report by Agance France Presse, denied by MENA.
Pope Shenouda opened in Austria an exhibit on Coptic art.
The old Islamic houses in Cairo dating from the 17th and 18th century are restored.
Decree no. 5755/2009 is issued, stipulating that the name of the village of Deir Abu-Hinnis will remain unchanged.


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