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In brief, the first day showcased the different areas of educational and pedagogical expertise that each institutional partner would contribute throughout the summer school. 
A decades-old conflict between Egyptian and Ethiopian monks over the ownership of the Monastery of the Sultan [dayr al-Sulṭān] in Jerusalem has flared up once again.
Minister of International Cooperation Dr. Rāniyā al-Mashāṭ said that Egypt has taken several steps to become a leader in transitioning to a green economy.  The government has adopted an ambitious strategy for sustainable energy, which includes 691 environmentally friendly projects in the new and...
On April 20th, two weeks before World Press Freedom Day, the Supreme Council for Media gave media outlets the necessary licenses to work in Egypt.
The Egyptian state is a unique example of co-existence between religions and national unity.  It has strived to ingrain and promote tolerance, peace, and equality regardless of religion or creed.  In light of these efforts, the media center for the Egyptian Cabinet has published a report that...
Today, the United States recognized the Armenian genocide committed by the Turks.  However, al-Azhar condemned the vicious crimes against the Armenians a hundred years ago in a fatwa, showcasing the moral role and social responsibility that al-Azhar had at the time. 
With Turkey’s recent attempts to restore relations with Egypt, sources for al-ʿArabiyya say that Cairo has stipulated that Ankara acknowledge the June 30th Revolution, which Ankara has agreed to do.
An episode of the Egyptian Ramadan television series “The Choice 2 [al-Ikhtiyār 2]” has sparked controversy across Arabic media over its depiction of the break-up of the Rābiʿa al-ʿAdawiyya Mosque sit-in in Cairo in 2013.
After opening the bottom canals of the Renaissance Dam in anticipation of the second filling, Egypt responded by debunking Adis Ababa’s claims and stressing the gravity of its actions on Egypt and Sudan. 
Egyptian churches stressed their solidarity with the Egyptian state, army, and police in the wake of Nabīl Ḥabashī Salāma’s murder.  Ḥabashī was kidnapped by terrorists five months ago in North Sinai, and a video of his execution was recently published on their media platforms. 


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