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Al Shaab interviewed Prof. Mohammed Abed El Miniem Khafaga, one of the leading old guard of the Azhar University, about the developments at the Azhar in the past decades.
Al Ahram answers the critique of Al-Osboa and says they received support for their research from Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ford Foundation.
Al-Osboa claims that a research of the Al Ahram Institute for Political Studies on Public opinion and political participation, which includes questions on political participation on a religious basis, aims at giving vital information to the Americans.
People have believe in sorcery since the age of the Pharaohs. No one can practice this kind of magic except with the help of evil spirits.
Marriages among Christians are not stable any more. Cases of divorce became so familiar that some Christian men of religion have divorced their wives and remarried while keeping their positions.
The article writes about fighting terrorism and criticizes the behavior of the police in protecting Christians against violence.
The French Channel 7 decided to shoot a film about religious tolerance in Egypt. This film will be broadcast at the beginning of 1999 on all the European television channels.
Building churches in new area’s is not so easy.
The book, written by a Muslim, says the government is overlooking problems of Copts in Egypt.
The article is a dialogue between the author and a Christian missionary.


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