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Hazem Al-Kilani, a young member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria, submitted his resignation from the Brotherhood, along with an extensive critique of the organization.
Archaeologists and theologians are trying to answer the question of where did the Prophet Joseph die and where is he buried.
Several responses were sent to the paper referring to the article published last week about Jehovah’s Witnesses.
A survey of the obituary pages reveals that the social makeup of Coptic families is not different from that of Muslim families.
Dr. Mustafa Kamal Helmy, the chairman of the Shura Council and the Higher Council for Journalism, asserted that there is no truth to the allegations that there are disputes between Muslims and Copts in Egypt.
The Congress freezes the Freedom from Religious Persecution Act.
In a letter to the editor, the writer objects to the dialogue between people of different religions.
In a continuation of the series on religious tapes started last week by Al-Arabi, this week they review religious books.
A televised debate between General Fouad Allam, the former vice director of the State Security and Dr. Tawfiq Al Shawi, a member of the founding committee of the Muslim Brotherhood.
The Azhar’s web site is full of spelling mistakes in the Qur’anic verses.


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