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Briefing on New York Churches council’s visit to Egypt saying Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt are very different from what is said and published in the USA.
The closure of El-Destour leads to a debate on the role of the press.
Ensuring that Egypt retains its aid package is not easy since the discussion on the introduction of the Freedom from Religious Persecution Act.
Journalists are imprisoned, and the freedom of the media is questioned.
Comment on the press handling of information that threatens business atmosphere.
Profile of the left wing sheik, Khalil Abdel Karim
Massacre of ethnic Albanians who are Muslim in Kosovo.
A conflict between Sheikh Tantawi and a group of anti-secular scholars at the Azhar might result in their expulsion from the Azhar.
Coptic Christians will be celebrating Easter Sunday of April 19 which is preceded by 55 days of fasting. The author interviewed bishop Musa about this period of fasting.
An American Church delegation visited Egypt and concluded at the end of their five day visit that allegations made in the American media about Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt are not true.


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