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The Azhar Scholars Front and the staff of the Azhar University refuted the decision to annul the Front before the administrative court.
A birth certificate issued by the health office of Mit Aqba states a family’s religion as Bahai.
A number of Orthodox Copts have stopped praying in the churches belonging to their church. They are now praying in Catholic churches in protest over the division of a bishopric.
A church is build on Muslim land in Bulgaria.
The killing of three nuns in Yemen from the order established by Mother Teresa raised a lot of questions about the reason for the presence of nuns in a country that contains no Christians in the first place.
In an interview with the well known businessman Naguib Sawires who says that he feels protected by Muslims.
[and Al-Ahrar, August 10, 1998] Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies issues its second ’Report on the Religious Situation in Egypt’.
[and in Al-Ahram of the same day] Journalistic sources in Holland revealed yesterday that Holland gives refuge to 300 to 400 Muslim extremists.
The Kenyan government announced at the beginning of this week that it intends to deport an American priest who insulted the prophet in the city of Nakoro in western Kenya.
A official source in the Interior Ministry denied the existence of information about any threats from the militant group Al-Jihad to launch attacks against American targets.


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