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Also this bi-weekly discusses the Freedom from Religious Persecution Act and the report of the New York Council of Churches.
The weekly gives an overview of reactions in the Egyptian press on the report of the New York Council of Churches.
Anis Mansour, a famous Muslim columnist, writes in fascination about his friend Bishop Dr. Yohanna Kolta of the Coptic Catholic Church.
The article sums up numbers or Copts in the countries of emigration as well as mentions several Coptic organizations outside Egypt.
The international Coptic association, that published an advertisement in one of the biggest American newspapers, against Egypt, received four million dollars from Zionist organizations in the United states, in support of its activities against national unity in Egypt.
The security forces are monitoring several Egyptian research organizations and human rights centers to determine their foreign sources of funds, including those who provide misleading information about the situation in Egypt.
The paper congratulates President Hosni Mubarak on his creative initiative, in inviting a delegation from the New York Churches Council to visit Egypt and see for themselves the truth about their ill-meaning allegations of the presence of religious persecution or discrimination against the...
The article rejects the Freedom of Religious Persecution Act and speaks about "the arrows of conspiracy" and "the heretical talk of the ill-intending." The Egyptian Copts have directed a hard blow to the faces of the Americans and the emigrant Copts who have filled the world with stories about the...
Egypt’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Amr Moussa, welcomed the report of the New York Council of Churches, using it as proof that there is no difference between Muslims and Christians in Egypt.
An American Muslim couple was false accused of mistreating their children. The intention of the paper is to show that there are examples where Muslims are not treated correctly in the West.


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