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The author is asking why the Islamic leaders of Egypt have not commented on Dr. Sayed El-Qimni’s remarks which they consider in violation with Islam.
The Pope prevents a priest form communion before he dies and banns prayers for him, because of his opposition to the church leadership.
The committee for International Relations in the American House of Representatives includes Egypt among the countries targeted by the law against religious persecution.
A commentary on the report by the New York Churches Council.
For the first time after the Luxor attack on November 17, 1997, Islamist militants went on the offensive again. They attacked in Beni-Mazaar, near Minia, a police car carrying four policemen, including Lt. Col. Alaa Qandil, and killed them. Two civilians, who happened to be on the spot, were...
MP Edward Ghali El-Dahabi spoke in Parliament against the American Religious Persecution Act.
Review of a book on the nature of relationships between the Pope and Anwar Al-Sadat.
The Muslim ritual of the pilgrimage stimulates Muslim unity.
Indian Muslim organization, Jamaat-e-Islami will hold its conference in Kerala on April 18-19 and focus on Muslim unity.
An agreement is signed between Kosovo Muslims and the Serbian authorities concerning education.


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