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Mehmet Görmez, head of Presidency of Religious Affairs, the highest Islamic authority in Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, said that celebrations of Christmas and New Year is idolatry and heretic. 
A teacher in Salāmūn al-Qumāsh Secondary School in al-Mansūrah Township attacked and beat a student after the latter chanted against the Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide.  
Coptic Orthodox Pope Tawadros II met with “Copts 38” group and said that if the Church decided to nullify a marriage then a civil divorce should take place
Rāmī Lakah, for his part, stressed that there are 13 Coptic Members of Parliament , expressing his optimism for a consensus
Dr. Najīb Jubrā'īl, Head of the Egyptian Union for Human Rights Organization, said that the Muslim Brotherhood are trying to enforce the Church name in the current events even though the Church did not interfere in politics and did not incite Copts to do anything (referring to protests off the...
On December 28, 2012, al-Hurīyah wal-‘Adālah (Freedom and Justice) Party (FJP) composed the preliminary list of candidates that will be endorsed in the coming Shūrá Council elections in all governorates.
The National Salvation Front sent a representative to Upper Egypt villages to observe the referendum over the draft Constitution. Ahmad Māhir, the representative, along with a group of activists witnessed those blocking Copts from voting.
In Nasr City, Christian women were prevented from voting in one of the polling stations, also many voting cards were not stamped. 
In Tantā, on December 27, 2012, an Islamist attacked a Christian woman and beat her with a stick on her back, calling her an “infidel” for not wearing a hijāb and wearing makeup.  The victim’s name is Marsa. After Marsa finished her work in the University’s Hospital, a bearded man wearing a white...
The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Muḥammad bin Zāyid, announced the inauguration of the Grand Mosque of Shaykh Aḥmad al-Ṭayyib, and the Church of St. Francis in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi.
In Shubrā, Muslims and Christians united against the Constitution.
“The purpose of our discussion on the foundations of human fraternity is to launch the project of rebuilding the true bridges of human communication, fruitful cooperation, trust, respect, and love that can bring all humanity—in all its diversity—to the same destination: peace.  We also aim to open...
Many foreign media outlets coverage focused on the political scene in Egypt highlighting the results of the constitutional plebiscites that ended with a victory to the Islamist powers; however leaving the credibility of the ruling Muslim Brotherhood, and most of all, the legitimacy of a hastily...
Dr. Rev. Safwat al-Bayādī, head of the Evangelical Church in Egypt, stressed that Church withdrawal form the Constituent Assembly was due to not including Copts in the Constitution although they are half of the community. 
In a statement he delivered on Saturday, December 22, Dr. Yāsir Burhāmī, Deputy of the Salafī Call (al-Da’wah al-Salafīyah), attacked media outlets, the Coptic Church, and the opposition.
The Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Office and the Freedom and Justice Party headquarters in al-Muqattam lifted the Emergency Law to monitor closely the referendum in ten governorates.
Muḥammad Abū al-ʿAynayn (Muhammad Abu al-Enein), Honorary Chairman of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliament, Chairman of the Supreme Advisory Council of the Arab Economic Council, called for the establishment of a global institute that brings together all religions to correct misconceptions and promote...
Independent human rights organizations, monitoring the referendum over the draft Constitution, detected several attempts of preventing Copts from voting.
“The Pope's visit will send a strong message across the region and the world that people of different faiths can live, work and worship together,” said United Arab Emirates Ambassador to Washington Yūsuf al-ʿUtayba (Yousef Al Otaiba). ‘Why did we invite the Pope to the Arabian Peninsula?’ asked al-...
In its edition on Saturday, December 22, Al-Misrīyūn newspaper reported that Imbābah district of Giza Governorate experienced a large turnout of Christians who queued to cast their ballots on the second stage of the constitutional plebiscite. 


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