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Dr. Ṭāriq Manṣūr writes about his personal reflections on the meaning of religious tolerance as seen from Islam and Christianity in Egypt.  He focuses on examples from the Prophet’s life and the Quran [al-Qurān] that support religious tolerance from an Islamic perspective. 
Speaking at the Forum for "Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies" in Abu Dhabi, Grand Mufti Dr. Shawqī ʿAllām called for launching a special international "Charter of the New Alliance of Virtue", to defend all houses of worship.  Such a charter would take necessary measures and mechanisms to protect...
A state of controversy has erupted over the Los Angeles Coptic Orthodox Diocese’s decision to hold two masses for Christmas in 2020.  The first would be on the 24th of next December, and the second would be on the 6th of the following January, coinciding with the western and eastern calendars. ...
Head of the Egyptian Union Organization for Human Rights, Naguib Gabraeel, requested the Attorney General prohibit the publishing of stories related to Kamilia Shehata, as they only serve to heighten sectarian tension between Muslims and Christians, which will put national unity at stake. He also...
Pope Tawāḍrūs II, Pope of Alexandria, Patriarch of the See of St Mark, affirmed that the vocation of the priesthood is not simple, pointing to those who already have families and children share with them all in this devotion and burdens of service.
Dr. Andriyya Zakī, head of the Evangelical Coptic Church in Egypt and social services, said that the church, which does not respect its youth, does not give them the first place, is "a church with no future".
The association of Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi, the one responsible for promoting religious tourism at the Vatican, has denied all rumors that the Vatican has stopped its trips to Egypt for pilgrimage and for the Holy Family's route when announcing its catalogs for tourism.
Rev. Andrea Zakī [Andrīyya Zakī], head of the Evangelical community, said that Egypt is facing challenges with serious steps towards development and democracy.
Pope Tawāḍrūs II, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of St. Mark, ordained 23 new priests on Saturday to serve the missionary providence of St. Mark in Egypt and abroad. 
Representative for the International Labor Organization (ILO) in Yemen ʿAlī Dahāq stated on Tuesday that available statistics show that the number of children being used in the conflict in Yemen over the past 10 years has risen to 75,000 in different regions.


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