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On Monday (December 17), journalists and members of the Wafd Party marched from their headquarters to the Syndicate of Journalists to protest attacks on the Wafd Party headquarters on Saturday (December 15) night.
The Supreme Constitutional Court issued a statement saying that remarks from the President’s Office, which accuse the Court of being a “counter-revolutionary” force trying to topple the gains of the Revolution, are slanderous and constitute a criminal act. 
In an unprecedent manifestation of solidarity, the Grand Imam of al-Azhar, Dr. Aḥmad al-Ṭayyib, and Pope Francis of the Vatican signed the Human Fraternity Document, witnessing as well the laying of the foundation stones for al-Shaykh Aḥmad al-Ṭayyib Mosque and the St. Francis Church in Abu Dhabi...
  Eng. Khayrat al-Shātir, deputy of the MB’s murshid (Guide), said that Egyptian youth are affected by the Western ideologies and culture and are moving far from the Islamic model.
  The Muslim Brotherhood (MB)’s Guidance Office witnessed divisions during its meeting on December 29, 2012. The disagreements were about how the group will participate in the upcoming Parliamentary elections. 
Dar-Alifta Al-Misrriyah (Dār al-Iftā’ or Ifta House) reported that 471,808 fatwás were issued in 2012.
Cairo security apparatuses put a security plan to secure churches in the Christmas and New Year. Maj. Gen. Ahmad Jamāl al-Dīn, Minister of Interior, gave instructions to take all the necessary security measures to secure churches and institutions. 
Bishop Nicolas, the official spokesperson for the Patriarchate of the Roman Orthodox Church for Alexandria and all of Africa, emphasised that the Patriarchate would not direct its members towards any particular opinion in the constitutional referendum. 
The Egyptian Church has denied accusations levelled against it by the Muslim Brotherhood, claiming that it had mobilized Copts to vote against the draft constitution during the first round of the referendum which took place last Saturday (15 December).
Copts in Dayrūt of Asyut Governorate are terrified following repeated attacks by groups of thugs. 
Coptic Catholic Bishop Kyrillos Kamāl William Sam’ān of Asyut said that the Coptic Catholic Church does not seek to impose its opinion on Christians to vote for a specific person in the upcoming Parliamentary elections.
Dr. Rev. Safwat al-Bayādī, head of the Coptic Evangelical Church, wrote an opinion piece in al-Ahrām where he discussed leadership, not just any leadership, but countries’ rulers, i.e. Presidents. He continued that the world is full of rulers who are strong, wealthy, experienced, thinkers, writers...
Dar-Alifta Al-Misrriyah (Dār al-Iftā’ or Ifta House)’s Fatwa Council confirmed the lawfulness of greeting non-Muslims in their feasts as long as expressions contradicting Islam are not there (Ibrāhīm ‘Umrān, al-Ahrām, Dec. 31, p. 2). 
Conflict between the Church and Islamic political movements developed after the Church's withdrawal from the Constituent Assembly and the Presidency's disregard for Coptic demands. Coptic Orthodox Bishop Marqus of Shubrā al-Khaymah said: “The Church does not fear the regime. The future of the State...
The Islamic Research Academy, headed by the Azhar’s Grand Shaykh Dr. Ahmad al-Tayyīb, decided to postponed examining the “women document” until it is being finally reviewed. The document will be discussed the coming week (before January 27, 2013) during the meeting of the Azhar Senior Scholars that...
Before the Coptic Orthodox altar lot that decided the new Coptic Orthodox Pope, candidates for the Coptic Orthodox papal seat promised to take care of hanging issues in the Church. 
Disturbance erupted among the Coptic Evangelical Church after its representative in the Shūrá Council decided to withdraw surprisingly.
The Muslim Brotherhood Group in Egypt greeted western Christians with Christmas (December 25, 2012) through their Twitter account on December 27. A number of activist on social-networking websites condemned the fatwá issued by the Islamic Legitimate Body of Rights and Reformation (ILBRR) that...
Mehmet Görmez, head of Presidency of Religious Affairs, the highest Islamic authority in Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, said that celebrations of Christmas and New Year is idolatry and heretic. 
A teacher in Salāmūn al-Qumāsh Secondary School in al-Mansūrah Township attacked and beat a student after the latter chanted against the Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide.  


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