The Role of the Salafi Nour Party in Supporting the 2014 Constitution

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Wed, 2014-04-09
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Post-Mursī, some say, the Salafi Nour Party was pushed into a corner. Others say they played their cards perfectly. In any case they supported the 2014 constitution despite its removal of religious provisions they largely orchestrated only two years earlier. While the Muslim Brotherhood and most other non-Nour Salafis railed against what they called the ‘coup and its constitution’, the Nour Party nimbly tried to navigate the landscape.

So what did they do, and what was their rhetoric? In an interview with Arab West Report Sheikh Hamdī ‘Abd al-Fattāh provided perspective from Maghāghah, a city in the governorate of Minya.

The party held one large mass conference in Minya, in which Muhammad Ibrāhīm, Sheikh Sharīf al-Hiwārī from Alexandria, and the local deputy of the Endowments Ministry formed a panel. The party’s approach to the constitution was explained by Ibrāhīm and others; Ibrāhīm himself spoke for an hour and answered questions for an hour and a half more. Everything was done in full transparency, ‘Abd al-Fattāh stated.

From the government to the district level, such as in Maghāghah and Banī Mazār, the Nour Party organized marches and had small four-to-five delegations circulate in the streets. Both were meant to give opportunity for people to speak face-to-face with party leaders and have their concerns answered.

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Jayson Casper,

Researcher,  Arab-West Report