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Wed, 2019-12-18
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We wish all our readers a blessed Christmas season and new year!


With the newsletter about the work of Italian intern Veronica Merlo you have an example of what a beautiful work both CIDT and the Center for Arab-West Understanding (CAWU) are doing in Egypt. They have built a beautiful database with the help of student interns that serves intercultural dialogue. Interns are also involved in numerous social projects such as the CAWU Learning Center for refugee students. This amazing work is only possible if CIDT remains able to fund the few staff they have. Therefore, please remember the work of CIDT and Cornelis Hulsman at the end of this year when you make your end of year donations.


The end of Misereor support to our work in 2019 has had a deep impact on our work in Egypt. It has resulted in a large deficit of CIDT for 2019 which was explained in our newsletter of November 26. We are very grateful for the support received by Steun Partners and Projecten ZWO Zuidland and several smaller donations that helped us to cover the deficit for this year. Thank you very much for your support!! Misereor ended its support to CIDT at a very unfortunate moment now Cornelis Hulsman is so close to retirement and Dr. Matthew Anderson, assistant professor at Georgetown University, USA, is ready to take over Hulsman’s work in September 2021. Anderson is not able to start earlier in Egypt because of his commitments in the US.


We had problems in making the budget for 2020 as well since the Misereor income is missing. For now, we had to reduce the pension contribution to Cornelis Hulsman to cover the gap. Of course, we hope on some extra funding as we feel responsible for the retirement period of the Hulsman family.


Your continued donations are most appreciated.


Donations can be made through the Arab-West Foundation here. These are tax-deductible for Dutch taxpayers.


Koen Vliegenthart,

Chairman Arab-West Foundation